Activity Reports

2019 October - December updateNEW!


2019 July - September update
Happy home for Crane Karma! (Bhutan)
Productive days 〜Multi-stakeholders’ activities for achieving the success of the project〜(Cambodia)
Starting Educational tour Package (Indonesia)
Last bubbles before lab work! (New Caledonia)
Environmental Education material has been completed! (Vietnam)
2019 April - June update
Local leaders took an action! (Bhutan)
Anlung Pring became the first Cambodian Flyway Network Site! (Cambodia)
Harvest Season (Indonesia)
Project Update-Manta fieldwork is on the right track! (New Caledonia)
The 30th Anniversary ! (Vietnam)
2019 January - March update
Japanese Origami Crane landed on Phobjikha (Bhutan)
Environmental education guidebook has been completed! (Cambodia)
Developing ecotourism program (Indonesia)
Project Update – 2019: Tricky start for the Manta Initiative… Challenge accepted! (New Caledonia)
Embarking on a New Stage! (Samoa)
A new year has just begun (Vietnam)
2018 October - December update
The most important celebration in the western Bhutanese culture “Lomba” (Bhutan)
Welcome Tomomi from Japan! (Cambodia)
Making guidebook has started (Indonesia)
Project Update – Photo identification, satellite tagging, Genetic and a Hollywood award winning movie, what else to better finish year 2018! (New Caledonia)
So many outcomes are here! (Samoa)
Environmental Education Clubs are established! (Vietnam)
2018 July - September update
Preparing for welcoming the heavenly birds(Bhutan)
Our project site AP & BPL (Cambodia)
Two new activities (Indonesia)
Getting real with the Genetic! (New Caledonia)
Guardians Campaign Launched!(Samoa)
September is the month with full of fun! (Vietnam)
2018 April - June update
Our World Environment Day 2018 event was successfully ended!(Bhutan)
Four organizations got together in Cambodia! (Cambodia)
Change consciousness of local people: “Our Rice Terrace must be conserved” (Indonesia)
Project Update – April-May-June (New Caledonia)
The Guardian campaign will launch soon!! (Samoa)
The trial teaching before summer holiday! (Vietnam)
01/08/2018 update
Phobjikha valley bids adieu to the Black-necked Cranes(Bhutan)
The first memorable Cambodia Bird Fair was held ! (Cambodia)
Development of Ecotourism Program in Malasari (Indonesia)
A Great start of 2018 ! (New Caledonia)
With respect for Ancient Polynesian… (Samoa)
The new national curriculum is issued (Vietnam)
23/03/2018 update
Celebrating the annual Black-necked Crane festival! (Bhutan)
The Sarus Cranes are back again! (Cambodia)
The closest national parks to the Jakarta - Environmental education in the Malasari Village - (Indonesia)
The new national curriculum is issued (New Caledonia)
Reviving Samoa's cultural traditions related to ocean sailing (Samoa)
New editions of textbooks will be released in Vietnam (Vietnam)