Activity Report from Bhutan Vol.08 (2019 July - September)
from Pham Huong & Ngo Dung

Environmental Education material
has been completed!

Traditional boat racing festival of Le Thuy district, Quang Binh province

Traditional boat racing in Le Thuy

Traditional boat racing festival on Kien Giang river of Le Thuy district has begun more than 500 years ago. The festival is held to pray for favorable rain, wind and abundant crops, besides helping to strengthen people’s health to work and fight with natural disasters.

The festival has been organized on the Independence Day (2nd September) for the people in the district in a more visible way since 1946. It is not only considered as a spiritual but also a beauty of traditional culture of Le Thuy people. The festival was recognized as a typical provincial cultural festival in 2003 by the Provincial People's Committee, and has become the National intangible cultural heritage since 27th August, 2019.

Our Last 3 Months
Environmental Education material

EE material has been completed

We have completed designing and printing the environmental education material. The material comes with its sub-materials including flash-cards and usb stick to save all soft files of the material. It took us a certain time to develop as it includes scientific knowledge of animal species that we had to consult the opinions from advisors. Also, we made many changes during designing process. In spite of those difficulties, we finally produced the material successfully. We believe that it will be very helpful to teach environmental education programme and meet the needs of the target schools.

Awareness raising events

Event Discovering the Red-shanked Douc Langur

We organized the second event "Discovering the red-shanked douc langur" at Khe Nuoc Trong forest in late July, 2019. Participants had an opportunity to admire the vast beauty of the mountains and forests, set their eyes on the canopy to look for the Red-shanked Douc Langur in the early morning, and took a walk in the forest and discovered insects or had a rest on the banks of clear streams. Also, they had a chance to experience one day trip without phones, internet and got away from the busy city life.

Children listen to an introduction to wildlife

In early August, we held the exhibition "Joining hands to protect wildlife" in Dong Hoi city. The exhibition was organized to promote the natural beauty of Khe Nuoc forest, Le Thuy district, Quang Binh province, and to raise awareness of the children about wildlife. The event attracted hundreds of participants.

Through the above activities, we have improved our skills in organizing environmental education events as well as awareness raising for various people.

Environmental Education Club (EE club)

We have developed the plan and contents to carry out some environmental education activities at the target schools for the new school year in September 2019. Based on this plan, EE clubs will be able to continue their activities by themselves.

Rainbow at the event Discovering
Red-shanked Douc Langur
Intern from Japan

We prepared to receive an intern from Japan working for our project from 17th September to 19th October 2019. The intern will be trained, improved skills and knowledge by joining us in content development and participation in environmental education activities.

Our Next 3 months

We will deliver the EE material to target schools so that they can use the material for the extracurricular program. We will also take a part in some lessons when the schools use the material. Environmental education activities such as contest "Learning about the environment", and launch the campaign "Cleaning up and tree planting day", will be held at the schools. “The 3rd Discover the Red-shanked Douc Langurs" program will be organized. We hope that this program attracts many young people. Continue organizing the 3rd exhibition which will be held at the University and high schools in Quang Binh province.