Activity Report from Vietnam Vol.03 (2018 April - June)
from Tran Ly & Ngo Dung

The trial teaching before summer holiday!

Vietnamese kids are on a long holiday!

Project staff and students in the trial teaching

Lunch after a morning session

In Vietnam, schools officially start their academic year on 5th of September, after 3 months holiday starting from late May-early June. So, students are currently enjoying their longest holiday!

Meanwhile, the new national curriculum has been introduced in one-month pilot programme to six provinces and cities. After the trial by 1,400 teachers in April 2018, Professor Nguyễn Minh Thuyết, the Chief Editor of the programme, confessed that the new curriculum was still too rich in content. Some contents were designed to be too difficult for majority of students to acquire them. He also addressed “The new curriculum is officially rolled out across Vietnam next year. However, there is still much work to do including compiling new textbooks”.

Our Last Three Months

Students pay attention to a lesson in the trial teaching

Students working on handout in the trial teaching

We have just finished the first draft of the environmental education material (guideline for teachers teach Grade 5 students), and conducted trial teaching lessons using the environmental education material in two local schools. During the trial lessons, students were very excited and keen to learn, and absorbed information well. After the lessons, teachers said that the general content of our material would be suitable. We are quite satisfied by the outcomes from the first lessons, but we need to adjust the material based on comments from teachers.

Our Next Three Months

Students working on handout in the trial teaching

The upcoming months, we will be even more busy! We will conduct the second trial teaching lessons in September and finalize the environmental education manual. Moreover, we will provide more references books and materials to school libraries, so that students and teachers can learn more during upcoming new academic year.

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