Promotion of Local Wisdom in SATOYAMA Conservation in Gunung Halimun Salak National Park


Activity Reports

Vol.01 2017 October - December
The closest national parks to the Jakarta - Environmental education in the Malasari Village -
Vol.02 2018 January - March
Development of Ecotourism Program in Malasari
Vol.03 2018 April - June
Change consciousness of local people: “Our Rice Terrace must be conserved”
Vol.04 2018 July - September
Two new activities
Vol.05 2018 October - December
Making guidebook has started.
Vol.06 2019 January - March
Developing ecotourism program
Vol.07 2019 April - June
Harvest Season
Vol.08 2019 July - Septmber
Starting Educational tour Package


Gunung Halimun Salak National Park is one of the nearest National Park from national capital, Jakarta, where located in West Java, Indonesia. Endangered species such as Javan hawk-eagle, Javan Gibbon and Leopard live in this national park which still remains amazing natural forest.
Traditional SATOYAMA landscape also contribute to environmental conservation in this national park. Local community preserve watershed forest through traditional wise use of natural resources, and they promote Ecotourism program as an environmental education tool.
Malasari village where we conduct environmental education project in Indonesia is good case to learn sustainable development which coexist people and nature in harmonious way.
In this project, we will conduct educational activities on the importance of local wisdoms and natural environment of national park. Program will targeting to young people in the metropolitan area through development of educational tools such as booklet and movies.


First year
-Discussion for program implementation among stakeholders
-In situ surveys for natural environment and local wisdom in Gunung Halimun Salak National Park
-Needs surveys for environmental education tools
Second year
-Developing environmental education tools
-Training for local people as interpreter
-Implementation of Environmental education events for young people in the metropolitan area
Third year
-Training for local people as interpreter
-Implementation of Environmental education events for young people in the metropolitan area
-Promotion of environmental education tools for educational institutions


To increase environmental awareness among young people through the in situ environmental education activities. Students in metropolitan area will recognize biodiversity and local wisdom of natural resource management in national park.

Local Partners